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25/07/2020 11:10 am  

hello peoples, it is I, Nep/69 previously known as CNKManga

I have some ideas for contests to reward players for various actions (primarily helping out and spending time on the server)

-Dungeon creation challenge (boot up Singleplayer and make dungeons with loot, mobs and bosses) to be used in the server

-a month long contest to see who can be logged in and not AFK the most in a month? idk if its possible to record online and active time within a timeframe but thought it might be a good idea

-a contest to see who can make a custom mod. The top 3 will be added to the pack

-contest to make the launch trailer for the new server, winner will be the video featured as the official trailer

-various building competitions for when there are conflicting requests such as adding an addon for opencomputers and removal of opencomputers and all addons, as an example. then the winner of the competition can decide what happens? just thought it might be interesting.

anyway I would really like to see some contests like these on the server and if not that's ok too