[Solved] Staff Application: TheEldestOne  


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26/08/2018 2:24 pm  

IGN: TheEldestOne

Discord : TheChaosKing #0835

Age- 14

Time Zone: PST

Current Rank : Anarchic

Mic: Yes

7. Im most active on the server when the server isn’t offline

8. I speak English and Spanish, but I don’t speak Spanish fluently enough to qualify as bilingual

9. I’ve yet to be banned

10. In moderation I’ve moderated or staffed on a total of 268 or so servers. With different roles, with only 73 of them being modded, I’ve definitely played Minecraft for much too long. My ranks varied from helper to admin/builder/developer. I didn’t include my own servers in this list amount other than the ones where I was appointed co owner.

Currently don’t have an exact amount but I think my last check was 5 hours.

On weekdays I can contribute around an hour and a half, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s around 3 hours. I can be online for around 18 horus a day on discord due to most of my classes not permitting phones. On weekends I can be on 24/7 if necessary.

Situation: Since all the servers are currently factions the plugins I’d use would include factions, /mute or /tempmute if they continue to disagree with me (also telling other staff about the issue if they want to talk to a higher up or if I’m unable to punish them myself). If it were on a town server depending on how the greifing occurred for example by passing by and a creeped exploded or a tnt cannon punishments would followed out as necessary. Potentially using /rollback or requesting a rollback for that area if I’m unable to do it, and the griefing party refuses to return the items and hid/burn them etc. Which would bring further punishment on themselves.

I’ve actually made 0 applications before, I just kind of got helper because I’m suppose to staff opentech as a mod.

I found this server through the death of another server and the reuse of its mod packs.

I’m 14, hate injustice, enjoy playing poker along with video games, soccer, baseball, consider myself a vanilla factions pro, decently good at Minecraft, have made several mod packs, plugins, mods, and servers. Have played Minecraft for quite a period of time.

Through the large amount of servers I’ve staffed on I’ve seen quite a few attempts at servers and even great server ideas that shut themselves down due to a lack of funds, corruption, bad server store, a lot of different issues which gives me a general idea of what a server needs. Usually I might write a lot but I actually don’t know what to write. I’ve played factions for around 3 years so I know a lot about the unsaid rules and what the rules should be for all servers to keep the gameplay fun and fair. I also have quite a bit of experience with bugs from tech mods since I use to run a lot of those packs before I learned about a lot of magic mods, I do still need to research a bit more about the tech mods on the server to be able to cover all topics, for example how many meteors spawn every 100 chunks. Since the faction pack will hopefully gain magical mods I’ll be able to explain a  lot of the exploits that need to be taken out (Kiako can to I guess but he might not want to *shrugs*, I still know some he might not know)

I have a strong sense of loyalty, though you might not need to know that, also once I’m committed to something I don’t just give it up.

Also, can Aninja like not vote on this?

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01/10/2018 4:54 pm  

Denied. You have been inactive for over a month on the server.