[Solved] Flyconder's Staff Application  


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25/10/2018 12:08 am  

IG Name - Flyconder
Discord - Flyconder#7303
Age - 14
Time Zone - United Kingdom (GMT+1)
Current Rank - Player
Do you have a mic - I don't have a mic and I have no sound on my laptop, but I can use an Ipad for a mic
When are you most active on the server - I'm most active during 3pm - 5pm, i do pop on and off for half an hour after that time aswell, and sometimes I will be on it all night
Do you speak more than one language - No
Have you ever been banned on any server - I don't think so,
What are your previous experiences in moderation? Elaborate. - I have moderated a few discord servers before, but they shutdown because the owner left discord, but I answered most questions in the server, and this server had a rule on no swearing, i was able to stop some of the swearing. aka (Bad behaviour in general) 

How long have you played on this server (/playtime) - *Required! If not done, it's instantly denied*
How many hours can you contribute a day? - I have played 22h 12mins and i have logged in 21 times.

Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer. Elaborate. - idk about plugins but i'd like to learn so i will just assume plugins are connecting one thing to another, I would add an anti griefing plugin, so it records all tnt exploded and the location it was detanated (not sure if spelt right) Some thing to record chatlogs, so i will be able to see if he's ever threatened to grief him and the last plugin i would choose a chunk Restoration plugin, so it will reload as chunk with everything on it from a saved file overrided any time you need it to, just in case this happens again.

How many LoA staff applications have you made before? Be honest if you lie your application will be denied! - I have made 1 that was in discord but i dought  that was a real application.
How did you find this server? - I found it advertised in the offical Technic server under advertisments
Tell us about yourself - I am homeschooled, All nighters are normal for me so if you need me up all night ill be fine just not too many in a row or i would literally die, 
Tell us about your previous experiences (This is your chance to write a lot) - I have had one previous MC server but it was a Windows 10/PE server didnt ever open, but i was accepted as a 3d builder for decoration

Anything else we should know? - not really exept the fact sometimes i will disappear because my mum turned of the wifi but i turn it back on 45mins later when shes asleep.

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11/11/2018 1:59 pm  

Due to recent inactivity and lack of experience, I have no choice but to deny this application.

- Closed