[Solved] FatalSerenity's Staff Application  


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18/11/2018 10:49 pm  

IG Name - FatalSerenity
Discord - FatalSerenity#0569
Age - 17
Time Zone - EST
Current Rank - Player
Do you have a mic - Yes
When are you most active on the server - Weeknights and weekends
Do you speak more than one language - Yes, I speak German and English
Have you ever been banned on any server - Yes, false accusations of hacking have gotten me banned before.
What are your previous experiences in moderation? Elaborate. - Owned 2 modded Minecraft servers, and have been a member of staff on many servers since 2012. Lowest rank being helper and the highest being co owner and everything in between.
How long have you played on this server (/playtime) - *Required! If not done, it's instantly denied*
How many hours can you contribute a day? - 2-3+, also I will be monitoring the ingame chat on discord to see if anything is going on.
Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer. Elaborate. -invsee, not a plugin but I will be able to tell if the player has the other players items in his/hers inventory, worldguard has a feature to see who broke a block when and where, and I would use essentials to temporarily mute a player if things escalated to such point.
How many LoA staff applications have you made before? Be honest if you lie your application will be denied! - None
How did you find this server? - Technic advertisement in discord
Tell us about yourself - My brother Alex and I have been playing Minecraft since about 2012, and ever since then we have been striving to bring the best content to players to the best of our abilities. With the right tools we have done this exceptionally, with a strong following behind us you can bet we will all be a strong addition to your server.
Tell us about your previous experiences (This is your chance to write a lot) - I started off as a moderator in a vanilla factions server, and for about 2 months I climbed the ladders of the staff ranks, eventually becoming great friends with the owner and earning the position of co owner. I still talk to him to this day, and this was back in 2013, Alex was right by my side through all of it and he still is. We both are always doing whatever we can to make things the greatest they can be. Whether in a video game, or in our personal lives, we give it our all. Its time to bring this server to the top where it belongs.
Anything else we should know? - I am a senior in highschool, and I play varsity and club baseball, which means I do have homework and a bunch of college stuff coming my way. It shouldn't, but it might affect my hours of playtime.

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10/12/2018 4:44 pm  

You need to update your application. Also, you have been offline on the server for weeks. Get your playtime up!

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27/12/2018 12:06 pm  

Denied. You have been absent from the server and discord for weeks now. You also failed to reply to this thread informing us of any reason why you could not update this thread.