[Solved] AwesomeAlexH's Staff Application  


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22/11/2018 10:51 pm  




4.East Coast USA

5.Rank 1

6.Yes I have a mic

7.I am most active on weekends, however, football just ended and I am open more now on week days

8.I only speak English, however, I understand a tiny bit of spanish

9.Yes, most of the accusations are false, but I have not gotten any offense on your network

10.I have owned 2 servers of my own alongside FatalSerenity, I am also a manager on TotalWarFactions

11.I have played 12 hours on this server and I understand its functions

12.I can contribute at least one hour a day, there are some days where I may not be able to however

13.I am not exactly good with plug ins, however currently I am working on learning and studying them

14.This is the very first application I have made for LoA

15.FatalSerenity found it and told me 

16.I am an 18 year old conservative christian, I love working with this game and I always have they player's best interest at heart, I am the least corrupt staff member you will ever meet and will take everything into account when making a decision no matter how big or small

17.When I owned the two servers with Fatal, he would do the server side stuff such as plug ins and making sure everything was functional where I was more the Human Resources kind of guy, and focused a lot on in-game problems and solutions, I always loved hearing other suggestions and ideas because it helps me understand what other people like and want, literally the only problem the server had was lack of players, I was bummed when I had to cancel them however the experience was worth it.

18.Not much, just that I am dedicated at the work I am provided with and will do the best I can to improve everyone's experience and enforce the rules of this server regardless of my personal opinion, I am really hoping you will accept this so I can prove myself to you and everyone else

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09/12/2018 6:26 pm  

Pending Approval,

What are the accusations of your history and server names (even if the server died.)?

And I'm glad you have worked with Fatial, and have some experience with it all. And it is cool that you are a manager too.

Pending Response......

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27/12/2018 12:06 pm  

Denied. No response, no approval.