[Solved] absolutemax123's staff aplication  


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03/10/2018 1:04 pm  
  1. IG Name - absolutemax123
  3. Age - 14
  4. Time Zone - PDT
  5. Current Rank - player [I]
  6. Do you have a mic - YES
  7. When are you most active on the server - Mostly mid day to late night
  8. Do you speak more than one language - no
  9. Have you ever been banned on any server - no
  10. What are your previous experiences in moderation? Elaborate. - no
  11. How long have you played on this server- 10h 53m
  12. How many hours can you contribute a day? - around 1 or 2
  13. Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer. Elaborate. - ask each of them privately over chat what their side of the story was. if the one person that was griefed suposedly i would roll back the serverĀ  from before it was griefed. i would also search the griefers inventory for evidence.
  14. How many LoA staff applications have you made before? Be honest if you lie your application will be denied! - none
  15. How did you find this server? - i found the modpack on the planet minecraft server lists
  16. Tell us about yourself - i am max, a kind, fun loving player and will stop at nothing to stop a bully
  17. Tell us about your previous experiences (This is your chance to write a lot) - i would like to, but since i am only 14, there is nothing much to share
  18. Anything else we should know about? - no

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14/10/2018 8:40 pm  

Denied. Been offline for almost 2 weeks.

- Closed