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22/08/2018 6:25 pm  

Requirements: Important Items Only

Since my whole base was rolled back, I have a lot more important items than most might including 


/kit anarchic

A Full ME system including an energy cell, crafting terminal, 1 cable, 2 ME Drives, 2 of thosr glowing blocks - ME Controllers I think, 30 universal elite cables, Pulverizer, Redstone Furnace (All the utilities from factionkitstarter, had a good setup that allowed me to make quite a bit of draconium), an ender quarry, world hole upgrade 3, ender chest- Extra Utilities Version, spot loader, Speed 3, and Fortune 3 upgrade.

Items- 37 Draconium Blocks, 3 Draconium Ingots, 1 Dragon Heart, 1 Dragon Egg, Draconium Armor (Probably not getting this but it was worth a shot just in case I can still get something worthwhile out of it, like some awakened draconium and nether stars for cores and etc. Maybe some wyvern XD) <<< Ignore the "()" if you want to.

3 blocks of Bronze

19 Redstone

12 Diamonds

3 Gold Blocks

49 Copper

18 Tin

23 Osmium

376 Cobblestone

3 1k ME Drives

3 Windmills

2 Advanced Solar Panels



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22/08/2018 9:57 pm  

Accepted, although these are the items that I will return to you:
- Full ME system + 1 drive cage + 3 drives

- Ender Quarry + Listed upgrades

- Draconium Blocks & Ingots

- Dragon Heart & Egg

- 2 Adv Solar Panels