[Solved] Xdmx147BR's Staff Aplication  


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12/07/2019 1:43 pm  
  1. Xdmx147BR
  2. Strange Guy#2767
  3. 14
  4. BRT
  5. II
  6. Yes
  7. Afternoon Evening and a few dawns
  8. Yes i speak portuguese portuguese and a little spanish
  9. No
  10. Yes on many Brazilian factions servers 1.8 some rankup AEDF (A era do futuro) But the one that I've been the most was factions
  11. 3 months
  12. 4 to 8 hours
  13. I would not use plugins because as it is a faction server this is allowed
  14. No one
  15. I use technic technic search bar and wrote Draconic
  16. I come from a humble family since early I learned to respect others I am quite reliable friend I make friends easy I am communicative and since I was little I liked minecraft and I am quite responsible and i make a lot of things in my home to help my mom and dad and im funny
  17. I've been staffed more than 20 times on many servers of 1.8 mainly from factions resolvia bugs helped the community was always very active and I was often admin helper and mod but in the end the server falia most of the time or he was tired of being more staff most of them came in a lot of players between 50 and 200 and I banned many hackers cheaters and did many things in the communicative communicative community. I was helping everybody, I think I have a good experience with command plugins and I know how to handle many mods.
  18. I talk a lot and I play with everything I make jokes at the wrong times but I can control myself most of the time.

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13/07/2019 3:06 pm  

Accepted. Hope to see you on the server for a long time! All of the information you need about your new commands is in the staff channel in the discord!