[Solved] Walter7911's Application  


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02/10/2018 6:39 pm  
  1. IG Name - Walter7911
  2. Discord - Walter791#8705
  3. Age - 18
  4. Time Zone - Central Standard Time 
  5. Current Rank - Player[III]
  6. Do you have a mic - Yes
  7. When are you most active on the server - Every Week Day and Week End 
  8. Do you speak more than one language - Yes
  9. Have you ever been banned on any server - No
  10. What are your previous experiences in moderation? Elaborate. - I was a Junior moderator on a server called Tyrone Craft (Shutdown) and currently a Senior Moderator on a Vanilla Server
  11. How long have you played on this server (/playtime) - *Required! If not done, it's instantly denied* - 1d 3h 6m 16s
  12. How many hours can you contribute a day? - at minimum one, at max eight
  13. Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer. Elaborate. - Given the spirit of the server being Anarchy, I would explain to the victim the nature of this server. However this is not the answer you are looking for. For the plugins I would use to solve the situation, would be a plug-in that allows me to view what player placed what block at what time. Another I would use is a grief rollback plugin. If it gets to that point, a ban plugin.  
  14. How many LoA staff applications have you made before? Be honest if you lie your application will be denied! - None
  15. How did you find this server? - On the Technic launcher discord under the advertisement channel
  16. Tell us about yourself - I'm a working college student, who likes to take time to have fun playing games. I am an Eagle Scout and have been a boy scout for eight years.
  17. Tell us about your previous experiences (This is your chance to write a lot) - I have worked as a camp counselor for five years, so I have experience working with kids 10-17 as well as adults. I work as a lifeguard and have been doing so for two years, which lends itself to more experience working with people of all ages. 
  18. Anything else we should know? - I know English, polish, Spanish, and a little Russian.

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14/10/2018 9:46 pm  


I see that you said in #10 that you are a Senior Moderator on another server, what server is that? The response for #13 was a great response, But the only problem is that its NOT an anarchy server. The title is misleading, we know. But being a helper is a training rank to learn mods or permissions. Also, keep in mind we do have a competition posted on the site, make sure you check it out. it's also nice that you're in college too, what you plan on majoring in? And nice for the counselor as well, we do expect to see a lot from you and to focus on everything and to be respectful