[Solved] TheBoosh's Staff Aplication  


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16/06/2019 10:28 am  
  1. IG Name - TheBoosh
  2. Discord - TheBoosh#3757
  3. Age - 23
  4. Time Zone - GMT
  5. Current Rank - II
  6. Do you have a mic - Yes
  7. When are you most active on the server - Tuesdays(all day more or less), Saturday (7pm till late) and sunday ( all day more or less)
  8. Do you speak more than one language - No, English only
  9. Have you ever been banned on any server - No
  10. What are your previous experiences in moderation? Elaborate. - Ive not moderated before. but am interested in helping out.
  11. How long have you played on this server (/playtime) - as of now 22+ hours
  12. How many hours can you contribute a day? - about 3 minimum. 
  13. Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer. Elaborate. - 
  14. How many LoA staff applications have you made before? Be honest if you lie your application will be denied! - Never before this one.
  15. How did you find this server? - Through a server listing
  16. Tell us about yourself - My name is Kevin,mature and calm person from Ireland and am just interested in helping out. love the server, its the first server that i've found that isnt filled with toxic people and is an enjoyable and peacefull experiance.
  17. Tell us about your previous experiences (This is your chance to write a lot) - I have no previous moderator experiance but am willing to learn and help players with anything i can do to the best of my ability.
  18. Anything else we should know? - No, but thank you for taking the time to read over my application.



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Accepted. There is a document that includes all of your permissions, the commands, how to use them, formats, etc. Also in the discord server, is a punishment guideline list. Anything not stated in the discord is entirely up to your discretion. Keep in mind, Helper is a trial role and is used to learn, test, and evaluate your skills. 

Join our discord here:  https://discord.gg/kVJ9sT

- Reli

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