[Solved] Death___Wish's Application  


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19/06/2019 12:13 am  

1. Death___Wish
2. Daddy Smurf#4123
3. 16
4. Est
5. 2
6. yes
7. weekends but all of summer now
8. Yes i know basic french
9. No
10. Yes but on a whitelisted server with friends as a admin
11. 24+ Hours over mutiple weekends
12. up to 9 hours
13 To be honest i dont use plugins i would deescalate the situation and talk to both parties privately and find out what happened if it really was the 2nd party then i would tell the accuser that it is a factions server and give him tips to hide himself better
14. 0
15. The Technic Launcher
16. im pretty chill and like to talk to people and i help out everyone on the server when i can but i tend to keep to myself if there are more people online
17.I dont understand the question.
18.Not really i would help anyone with the commands i know better than that also i dont really care for anyone on the server but in i did have the ability to go into creative i would disband my faction so i wouldnt be tempted to help myself out.

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20/06/2019 2:40 pm  

For Q. 18 i meant wouldnt help


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23/06/2019 5:36 pm  

Accepted. keep in mind that the Helper role is a learning position. You will have access to basic commands and a document with all of the commands and how to use them.

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