[Solved] CNKManga's application  


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06/09/2018 5:43 pm  

IG name: CNKManga

Discord: EchoheartXYZ#2581

Age: 16 (almost 17)

Time Zone: UTC-07:00 mountain time (US and Canada)

Current rank: Player

Do I Have a Mic: Yes

When am I most active on the server: after 3:00 (when I get home from school)

Do I speak more than one language: no

have I ever been banned on any server: no

what are my previous experiences with moderation: I've had some experience with moderation on my personal server, I've had at max 2 players join (one was me) and that was it because normally servers wouldn't have staff application forms

how long have I played on this server: 20 hours and 48 minutes

how many hours can I contribute a day: at least 2

Situation. There are two younger kids arguing in the chat, one is accusing the other of griefing his house. The other is denying it. Choose 3 plugins you would use to dissolve the fight and find the answer: 1. a logging plugin that records every block placement, removal, item usage etc. to check to see what happened. 2. a griefing reversal  plugin to roll back the damage, 3. if the reason why he did it was a reason worth banning over, a banning plugin

how many LoA staff applications have I made before: 0

how did I discover this server: i'm pretty sure it was minecraftservers.org, I could be wrong but it was a server list site

About Myself: My Online Alias is Echoheart XYZ or CNK, I am a Twitch streamer, so I might stream some Legends of Anarchy next. I can try to break apart small fights, build things in Minecraft and make suggestions/ideas

tell us about your past experiences:I was on a factions server of my own, I had just 2 players online at a time (One was me)and I made a tutorial for how to make basic ingame setups for multi block structures and so on, and listened to everyones ideas/suggestions

anything else we should know?: no 

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Helper rank is a Trainer role, to help learn mods and bugs. If a higher rank gives you directions listen to them without question. If you have a problem with his/her's decision report it to a higher up and wait patiently for a reply/action. Remember to not abuse the powers you do have and if you have any questions, ask fellow helpers not straight to the higher-ups unless it's completely required. We also do have a YT rank you can apply for, if you also do that as well, we might add a twitch/streamer role in the future. Hope you have a fun time on the LoA server! You should have your rank next time you log on.


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